From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, December 25, 1941

Santa Claus Letters

Dear Old Santa Claus: I am a little girl and I am very, very glad it’s nearly time for you to visit us again. I want you to bring me a big doll that will say Mama. I want a little broom and some dishes; also a tricycle. Bring lots of presents for all the other little children here at Liberty, too. Bye.

Love, Kathryn Cain

Dear Santa Claus:

I have been a good girl this year. I am eight years old. I am in the third grade. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Smith. I want you to bring me a doll and nurse’s set, and I want some bedroom slippers, too. I want some fruit and candy. Please bring all the other little children something.

Your little friend, Mary Grace Hendrix

Dear Santa:

I am a little boy, five years old, and I have been good this year. I get coal and wood in and go to the post office for my mother. Please bring me a fine, big tricycle, some ABC blocks, and a toy bus. I also want some candy, nuts, and fruits. I love you Santa and I have been wanting you to come for a long time. I won’t ask for anything else as there are so many boys and girls for you to visit. I’ll be in town next week and I hope I see you.

Your little friend, Carter Henry

Dear Santa Claus:

I want you to bring me a gun and some shells, a ball, a bicycle, and all kinds of fruits, nuts, and candies. That is all I am asking for this time. Don’t forget my brother, Emmett Lee. He goes to school at Susan Moore. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love, Harold Ray Doyle

Dear Santa:

I am writing to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a cowboy suit and a pair of gloves and some fire crackers, too. And don’t forget my sister. She wants a tricycle and a pair of boots and a pair of gloves. And bring us both some candy, nuts, apples, oranges, and other fruits.

Porter and Imogene Reeves