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The Southern Democrat, December 18, 1975

Casual Comments

Without rhyme or reason: I would be helpless in the kitchen if I didn’t have a husband. I can’t open these modern packaged foods — and sometimes he almost fails.

I hate housekeeping! My mother used to get amused at me. The house would be a mess; I was expecting guests for dinner, and the first thing I did was to gather great armloads of flowers and make beautiful arrangements all over the house. Then I would start in on the dirty work making the house match flowers. However, the flowers were the only part I enjoyed.

I had just finished telling Sally how to be a good loser when Leo had to open his big mouth and say, “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you an idiot.” Then he proves his point by saying that he never got his name in the paper, a pat on the back by his boss, or a raise in salary by being a good loser.

The honeysuckle vines blooming outside of my backyard as if it were late May instead of December reminds me of Christ’s answer when the disciples asked Him when the world would end. Among other things He said, “When there are wars and rumors of wars, nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and earthquakes and you can’t tell one season from another, you know the end is near.” Now that is a scoop if I ever heard one.

I had heard of the brown brassieres they are making for cows; now someone has designed a gold brassiere for women that costs $7,000. Two men won a contest and the prize was dinner for two (31 dishes) at a restaurant in Paris, I think, that cost $47,000. Now that’s inflation.

-Wilma Mitchell

Oneonta resident finds Texas balloon in tree

By recently finding four balloons in a tree on McCay Avenue, Ginger Mitchell created a lot of excitement in Garland, Texas. After popping the balloons, Ginger found the following note inserted in each, “The ‘IN’ colors this year are red, white, and blue. Join Camp Fire Girls of Garland, Texas, in celebrating the American Revolution Bicentennial. Call 638-2240 for information.”