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The Southern Democrat, December 4, 1980

Honesty and perseverance

Honesty and perseverance met at downtown Oneonta and created new hope for an elderly Blount County resident.

Mrs. Talmadge Brooks, an Allgood widow, noticed a small bag in the parking lot of Central Bank. Seeing there was much money inside, she took it into the bank. There Gladys Posey of Nectar, the bank’s head teller, began what was to be a three-week search for the missing owner of the funds.

In her off hours, she searched the daily tapes of the tellers until she discovered a check cashed for the exact amount of money in the bag. Then by comparing the transaction with copies of bank records, she was able to find the supposed owner of the money.

The elderly gentlemen, who will remain unnamed, had thought his Social Security money was lost forever. So you can imagine his happiness when, after identifying the sack of money he had dropped, the bank was able to restore the lost funds to him.

The honesty of a widow and the perseverance of a teller came together to prove that people do care and brought sunshine into a life darkened by misfortune.

Incidents such as this make Blount County a great place to live.

Oneonta home tour

Candles sending off a soft glow, greenery scenting the air, and freshly baked cookies filling trays will be among the sights and smells of Christmas on the Tour of Homes sponsored by Lester Memorial United Methodist Church Sunday, Dec. 14, from 2 to 5 p.m.

United Methodist Women (UMW) will serve refreshments during tour hours and will show visitors decorations in the church sanctuary from 2 to 3 p.m. Proceeds from the tour will benefit church mission projects.

Mrs. Don Ellis is tour chairman and Mrs. W.A. Tolbert chairs the UMW committee. Homes on the tour belong to Dr. and Mrs. Don Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Currier, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gargus.