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The Southern Democrat, November 20, 1975

We ask the Lord’s blessings

The people of this nation enjoy blessings too numerous to catalog. One has only to pick up the daily paper to discover almost countless instances of oppression and injustice in many other parts of the world. That’s not to say there’s no injustice in this country. Unfortunately, there is, but it is on such a smaller scale that, reading the plight of people in other nations, one can only say to himself, “There, but for God’s grace, are we.”

Freedom to worship God, each in his own way, is ours. So, also, is the athiest secure in his non belief even though we cannot look upon this ordered universe without believe in a Divine Being. Our religious freedom is in sharp contrast to that of nations where attendance at the established church is part of law, or where taking part in religious services is prohibited. Let us be thankful.

Imperfect as our political system may be, we know of no other that grants its citizens the freedom we have to commend or criticize, to support or attack. Let us be thankful.

The cities, counties, and states of the nation offer free elementary and secondary education to all who will accept it. However one may feel about the effectiveness of our educational system, at least the caring is there. This nation knows education is vital to an informed and functioning citizenry. Let us be thankful.

In many countries in the world today men and women are assigned jobs where they must remain. In many places they cannot leave their places of residence without official documents authorizing them to do so. A citizen of the United States can move freely from job to job, the only hinderance he meets being his ability to find and hold whatever work he chooses. Municipal, county, and state lines are meaningless to him, there being no barrier by government to his travels. Let us be thankful.

Let us be thankful indeed, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but all the days of our lives for the Lord’s blessings.

– mww