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The Southern Democrat, October 23, 1975

Out of step

“Look! Look! Everybody’s out of step but Johnny,” the doting mother is supposed to have cried when she watched Johnny marching in a parade. We’ll be in the same predicament this weekend when our inner clock differs with the hour we set on our timepieces at bedtime Saturday night.

Oh, for the fortitude of the rooster who greets the sun year ‘round, contemptuous of man’s tinkering with the clocks. But then, Johnny, and the rooster, and we would be the only ones in step.

At least with our inner clock waking us up a full hour early Sunday morning, we won’t have the dustman in “My Fair Lady” who pled in song, “Get me to the church on time” — and we’ll have plenty of time.

– mww

Life with LaVirgie

Hi! Yep, it’s me again. Where have I been? (You did ask that, didn’t you?) Would you believe six weeks ago I opened a closet door in my hall, and it’s taken me this long to crawl out! That’s only a half truth — I’ve been extra busy.

After the kids started back to school, I took a good look at myself, then I got really busy! I colored my hair to cover the gray I had accumulated during the summer. I wallpapered my kitchen with a vinyl covering so I could wipe away fingerprints instead of painting over them. I cleaned all the candy and chewing gum wrappers and half-eaten apples out of the car. I leisurely enjoyed a Coke without sharing it three ways.

I’ve also been coaching 18 cheerleaders at school (yes, I said 18)! I have learned to do the splits and the hurkey. I talk in rhymes — and one night I did a yell for my husband before dinner. It went something like this, “Row, row your boat — putt, putt, putt. What’ll be for dinner? POTLUCK?” And I finished it up with a beautiful jump. Boy, did I come down to earth real quick when he replied, “Well, putt, putt, putt, if you don’t fix some dinner, I’ll kick your ___!” I have done no more yells for him.

Since life’s back to normal, you’ll be hearing from me frequently. Hey, I’d like to hear from YOU sometime. Drop me a line if you have time: Route 1, Cleveland, Alabama 35049.

– LaVirgie Branham