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The Southern Democrat, August 27, 1953

Circuit Court bill passes house

Blount County will be placed with St. Clair County in a new judicial circuit under the provisions of a bill which has passed the House of Representatives and which is expected to pass the Senate some time next week.

The immediate effect of the bill will be to legislate Judge J.S. Stone out of Blount County and transfer Circuit Solicitor Wald’s duties from Blount and Marshall to Blount and St. Clair counties.

The new judge of the court will be appointed by Governor Persons. Nobody knows who that will be. Frank Embry, of Pell City, John Robinson, of Ashville, and Leland Randall, of Oneonta, are all considered as aspirants for the post.

The passage of the bill in the House was somewhat of a surprise to many as they thought that the Legislators representing this county had given assurances that the bill would not pass. S.R. Starnes, president of the Blount County Bar Association, stated that the bill had never been presented to the local bar association for action, and that no meeting had ever been held with the St. Clair County lawyers.

Sept. 16 designated as Jersey Day at Blount Fair

Wednesday, Sept. 16, will be Jersey Day at the Blount County Fair. Approximately 40 head of registered Jersey cattle will be shown by adults and girls and boys that belong to the 4-H and FFA organizations.

The first half of the day will be used to determine which boys and girls can do the best job of showing and judging.

The Showmanship Contest follows the judging contest. Prizes are given for the individual doing the best job of showing his or her animal. You can readily see that the emphasis of the first half of the day is on the youth; however, the purpose of the show is to train the youth.

At 7:30 there will be a parade of all the Jerseys. To climax the day of Jersey festivities will be the selection of the Dairy Maid, at 8 p.m., at the Fairgrounds. Several girls have entered.

Cattle will be carried to Bessemer from Oneonta to compete in the District contest. Those receiving blue ribbons there will compete for prizes at the State Fair in Birmingham.