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The Southern Democrat, June 26, 1985

¿Habla usted español?

“Si, Si!” will be the answer given by scores of students in Oneonta and Blount County schools by 1990. State Superintendent Wayne Teague’s plan of excellence specifies that all high school students must be offered the opportunity to take a two-course foreign language study in order to qualify for advanced study diploma for high school graduation.

Blount County Superintendent Joe Hazelrig said the advanced program is effective with ninth graders of the 1985-86 school year. After holding parent conferences, school counselors have arranged four-year schedules for those students, with all schools in the county offering a foreign language to 11th and 12th grade students.

Preliminary plans are to employ two teachers the first year to travel between the schools, with a third teacher to be employed the second year, when two classes will be offered at each school. All counselors have recommended Spanish as the language choice.

Oneonta City School had two classes of Spanish taught last year by Cindy Hastings, according to Superintendent Bill Burdette. She will have four classes next year. Spanish has been taught at other times in the system.

With both Oneonta and Blount County systems complying with state guidelines, Spanish phrases will soon be echoing through the hallways.

Moody’s confident as they look toward mission work

Max and Teresa Moody radiate quiet faith that their plans for the future will be realized. They say their confidence springs from their belief that God is directing them. The couple is hoping to depart in late summer for Ohio where they will train as a team to become a part of Missionary Maintenance Services (MMS).

When Max completes his time with MMS, he and Teresa will then be available to go into the field where a mission depends on planes for transporting its staff and bringing supplies and standing by for emergencies.