From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, June 18, 1953

Starting the day

We note that General Eisenhower is in favor of 18 year olds voting. We have believed in this for a long time. It has always seemed to us if a boy is old enough to fight a war, he should have a voice in selecting public officials. We should either give the 18-year-old boys the ballot or quit drafting men until they reach 21. -Rice M. Howard

Barons sign on infielder at tryout camp

Birmingham’s Barons yesterday signed Billy Deavers of Route 1 Cleveland to a contract…. Deavers, recently discharged from the armed forces, is an infielder who bats left handed and throws right handed. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Deavers and a graduate of Cleveland High School.

Recently wed

Miss Barbara Anne Buckner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs L.E. Buckner, and James Earnest Tolbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Tolbert, were married at seven o’clock Saturday, May 24th, at the home of Rev. H.J. Beasley, of Oneonta.

The bride wore a powder blue suit with black and white accessories. Her flowers were a white orchid corsage.

Miss Rebecca Bryant, maid of honor, wore a lavender dress with white accessories. Her flowers were a corsage of yellow carnations.

Clarance girls organize a neighboraide

The girls in Clarance community are not only learning to cook but are now learning some of the secrets of sewing smart-looking garments. Bettie Morris, daughter of Mrs. Leon Morris, is leader for the group. She gave a demonstration on sewing on buttons when the neighboraide group met at her home with eight members, three visitors, and Mrs. Leon Morris present.

Bettie showed the girls how to sew on a button with a shank added by winding the thread between the button and the material. She also taught them to sew a small button on the underside of the dress when there was danger of the button tearing out of the material.