From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, May 22, 1952

Local furniture man appointed to board

Claude B. McCurry, of the McCurry Furniture Company, has been notified of his appointment of Board of Directors of The Alabama Retail Furniture Association. This is quite an honor, as this association is comprised of all the furniture dealers of the state.

Worthwhile Club entertains with open house

The last meeting for the year of the Worthwhile Club was held May 15, at the home of Mrs. J.S. Wittmeier, with Mrs. H.C. Lowry, Mrs. Frank Cheney, and Mrs. L.C. Lowry serving as co-hostesses. The meeting was in the form of an open house and tea.

Mrs. Clyde Mitchell entertained the members and their guests with a review of Elizabeth Goode’s interesting and inspiriting book, “For God So Loved the World.”

Grand Jury wants new courthouse

(editorial by Rice M. Howard)

You find in this week’s issue a report of the Grand Jury that was in session last week. This report calls for a new courthouse for Blount County. No one would argue against the need of a new courthouse any more than they would argue against more good roads on Straight Mountain or any other section of the county.

But wishing for a new courthouse and getting a new courthouse are are two different things. We also need a new jail and a new jailor’s house, along with new bridges and other things the county should furnish the people. But there is that little matter of money with which to build this courthouse and carry on the other obligations of the county and to retire the road bonds that the county now owes for.

The present Probate Judge retires in January of next year, and we doubt very seriously if he would want to insist that the Board of Revenue start a new courthouse building program during the remainder of his term.

When the new Probate Judge takes office will be time enough for him and the Board of Revenue to consider the finances of the county and whether it would be advisable for the county to undertake the building of a new courthouse.

It is one thing to dream and another to accomplish that dream.