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The Southern Democrat, April 11, 1951

Letter to the Editor
Defense of bingo by an old lady

Those men who are fighting bingo (legalized) ought to be ashamed. Probably their wives play bridge or canasta and poker and belong to society. They don’t have to attend bingo games. But let them stop and think how many really old people enjoy themselves playing bingo. Sure they spend a dollar or so, but look at all the pleasure they get. Lots of them live in one room or with relatives, so it’s really necessary for them to have some relaxation.

So if you don’t want too many old people with nothing to do but stare at blank walls, let bingo alone. It’s not any worse than horse racing or private poker games and I know personally that there are plenty of these.


Liberty news

After the heavy rains of the past week, the sun is now beaming down its brightest rays. Trees are fast turning green and make a beautiful background for hills and slopes covered in green grass and cover crops, dotted here and there with dogwood now in full bloom. Farmers are becoming more enthused and busy in preparing and making another crop which they are hoping will be bigger and better than ever before.

At the movies

Two big features at the Neely April 13-14: Brenda Marshall and George Montgomery in “The Iroquois Trail” and the Bowery Brothers in “Blues Busters.” Features for April 15-16 include “Steel Helmet,” the unpolished story of our boys fighting in Korea with Gene Evans and Robert Hutton. You can also catch Bugs Bunny in “Rabbit Every Monday.” “Tarazan and the Amazons” is featured April 17, along with Buster Crabbe in Chapter No. 4 of “Pirates of the Seas.”

The Strand will feature Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in “Pardon My Sarong” April 14-15.

Alabama’s newest drive-in, Blount Drive-In Theatre, is now open and will feature “The Three Musketeers” in technicolor Thursday and Friday. Saturday will feature “The Furies” while “Slave Girl” with Yvonne DeCarlo and George Brent will be playing Sunday.