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The Southern Democrat, March 6, 1957

Club member turns hobby into extra cash

Mrs. Earl Murphree, Altoona, Route 3, likes to see plants grow. She must have a “green thumb” as almost every shrub that she attempts to root lives. Mrs. Murphree is the mother of two sons, Clyde who lives in Florida and Randall who lives on Altoona Route 2. Recently the former sent Mrs. Murphree 250 small magnolia trees from Florida, which she has sent out. Her plans are to start a small nursery. She plans to grow Christmas trees for extra income. Already Mrs. Murphree has about 300 boxwood. She always has a good garden and keeps a home freezer filled with good things to eat.

Monster invades Bill Drinkard’s office

When you enter the main hall of the state conservation office these days, an evil looking monster confronts you. It looks like something from a primeval swamp. It’s certainly not the sort of fellow one would wish to meet unexpectedly on a dark night. The “monster” is a giant alligator snapping turtle which was caught in the Tennessee River September 1956. The stuffed turtle, with its horned shell, weighed 102 pounds when caught and measures 58.5 inches and is 22.5 inches wide.

Airman of the month

A1/C James (Jim) P. Bellew, Wing Headquarters Squadron, was named by a board of six Master Sergeants as Laughlin’s Airman of the Month for January. In an impressive ceremony, Jim was presented with the Airman of the Month plaque and the accompanying inscribed gold watch. Jim hails originally from Oneonta where he graduated from high school and was letterman for three years in both basketball and football. After school, he entered the Air Force.

In the wit that perhaps helped him win the Airman of the Month award, Jim answered the following questions thusly: Overseas service — Laughlin, 27 months. Battles and Campaigns — Battle of Laughlin. Then he was asked why he thought he was picked over the other candidates, he sobered and answered, “I read plenty of science fiction books and believe them.”