From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, February 27, 1930

From the schools

R. 3, Blountsville: I am writing this piece to The Democrat. I sure do like to go to school. I am in the third grade. My teacher’s name is Miss Zula. The number of our room is No. 5. I have made a bird book and an Eskimo book. I am going to make an animal book, too. My playmates are Pauline and Audrey and Susie Jane. I guess I had better study my arithmetic. “Curley Locks”

R. 2, Altoona: I will write you a few lines. I will tell you about my “home” at school. I think that it is real pretty. We keep it clean and decorated all the time. Miss Zula ordered lots of corn flakes, bran, Cracker Jacks, and many other kinds of boxes and we have a store and we play store and enjoy it. This is my second year in school and I think that I’ll get to be in the fourth grade next year. I had rather read good books than anything. If I find my letter in your paper I mean to read it to my class in English as a surprise. “A Little Blue-Eyed Girl”

Blountsville: I am anxious for you to come back to see our room again. Miss Zula has made us a number of work stores and we play store. She has ordered us Cracker Jacks and many other boxes. Our room is beautiful and I wish you would come to see us. Miss Zula is a good teacher. I think when I get through with primary school I will enter high school. I think when this year is gone I will be promoted. “Snow White”

Basketball tournament

The Blount County basketball tournament will be held at Cleveland school Saturday, March 1. Every team in the county is invited to enter. Come everybody, let’s make it a success. The finance committee has set the price at 35 cents for the morning session and a like sum for the afternoon session or 50 cents for a ticket to all the games.

There will be sandwiches sold on the ground to keep you from going hungry. We are expecting not less than 12 teams to be present. Let’s make it 20.

– E.A. Davis.