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The Southern Democrat, December 26, 1973

Native honored

Brigadier General Donald L. Werbeck, commander of AFCS at Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base in Missouri, presented the 1872 School Squadron the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award recently. Receiving the award for the 1872nd was Captain J. Glenn Whited, squadron commander and NCO Academy commandant.

Captain Whited is the son of Mr. And Mrs. James Whited of Oneonta is a 1961 graduate of Oneonta High School. He and his wife, the former Carol Simpson, have two small daughters.

New Year (editorial)

The year 1974 is upon us and speculating upon what it holds in store makes it look grey indeed. Watergate continues to trouble the national conscience. Developments arising from the oil shortage are formidable.

Unpalatable as may be the thought of a bill of impeachment, the interminable investigation of Watergate should be brought to an end and the matter put to a vote in the House of Representatives. It has cast a pall over the nation long enough. Either the president was involved directly in Watergate or he was not, and the matter ought to be settled now. Indicative of the circus-like atmosphere in Washington is the action of a lawyer in Ralph Nadar’s organization: this witless fellow played a copy of a subpoenaed presidential tape for the amusement of friends at a cocktail party in Georgetown.

More than gasoline and diesel oil shortages is in store for us. Although this region is well supplied with electricity and natural gas, if the federal energy board taps our lines for pass-on of energy to eastern and New England states, we could find ourselves more sympathetic toward folks using oil for home heating.

Crude oil also goes into making innumerable products. Plastics is perhaps the one most of us come into daily contact with the most. Yet, Americans have faced difficult problems before and surmounted them. Let us hope that the new year holds for you and yours a brighter promise that can be seen at the moment.

— mww