From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, August 8, 1929

Personal Items

Lestelle Tidwell broke his arm trying to crank a Ford on Monday.

Eat at Bunnie’s Cafe when you come to court. Short orders and the best of food and it’s cooked right.

Wanted: Salesman who knows Blount County to sell oils, greases and paints, absolutely on credit, no red tape, weekly advances.

E.E. Forbes & Sons, Birmingham. Will sell good used phonographs and organs for $35. $5 cash, $15 this fall and the balance next year.

Grocery Items

Lemons – .25c per dozen
Pure Lard – 8 lbs. $1.25
Bananas – 5c lb.
Jello or Ice Cream powders 2 for .15c
Good boiling meat .14c lb
Corn Flakes 2 boxes – .15c

At Oneonta Chevrolet and Altoona Chevrolet: Imperial Sedan – $695; The Roadster – $525; The Sport Coupe – $645; the 1 1/2 Ton Chassis with Cab – $650

Blindness may result when you neglect twitching, watery, bloodshot, sore eyes. Leonardi’s Golden Eye Lotion relieves nearly every eye trouble. Cools, heals, and strengthens. Makes weak eyes strong.


Champion splits double-header with Joppa. Champion loses first game 5-1. Huey pitched a good game but his mates making errors caused him to lose. Champion won the second game 11-8 in the fourth inning when McKay hit, Bains getting a two bagger, starting a rally that drove two pitchers from the mound and slaughtered another.

The baby’s milk and soup belong in the coldest part of the refrigerator, which is the part just below the ice.