From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, August 3, 1944

Advertisers and their wares:

Yodora Deodrant Cream – a dab a day keeps P.O. away! (perspiration odor)

Dr. Fred Palmer’s Skin Whitener – Lighten your tanned, dark skin. Money back guarantee.

Tire trouble? When you have a flat use Dixie self-sealing patches.

Use Adlerika to relieve the pressure of large intestines on nerves and digestive track. Bowels will return to normal size by morning and you will feel clean and refreshed and ready for a good day’s work or fun.

Taxi – Phone 76 or 115

Are you only one-half insured?

If you live too long or die too soon, or lose your earning power by sickness or accident, our Complete Protection Policy will be a source of endless joy to you and your loved ones. Protect your family by owning one of these policies. Call or write for an interview. No obligation, no high pressure, no knocking other companies.

Moses Truck and Tractor Company

Now is none too soon! We don’t know how much farm equipment we will have for sale. Probably more than last year, but probably not enough to go around. Go ahead and get your truck and tractor serviced. It will be best for both of us if you give plenty of advance notice. Call or drop in and let’s talk it over.

When making aprons, sew on two pockets. Then, if you need a patch, you can use one of the pockets.

A coat of white shellac applied to the cover of your cook book will keep it looking like new.

Miss Ruth Dillard has returned to Oneonta from Birmingham, and will resume her work as teacher of piano at the Blount County High School this fall.

LOST – One five-dollar bill and one one-dollar bill Saturday morning between Hyde’s store and McPherson’s corner. Finder return to S.T. Alldredge, Blountsville.