From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, July 20, 1933

Strand Theatre to Re-open

The Strand Theatre which has been closed for several months will open Friday night with George O’Brien in Zane Grey’s “Smoked Lightning.” Cartoons will also be shown. The same program will be put on Saturday afternoon and night. Mr. Lester Neely, who formerly operated the Theatre is in charge again. He says that he has put in a new Wide Range Sound System which was shipped direct from the factory. It is the latest sound system out. He also is installing a new picture screen. Admission is 10c and 25c.

From world fashion news

Many a girl who started life as an ugly duckling is an attractive woman today. Modern science has given her many charms that nature failed to provide. Take curly hair for instance. Today, it’s as easy to transform straight hair into a mass of natural looking curls as it is to keep your nails trim. With the new machine-less method of permanent waving, you can sit back comfortably throughout the waving process and read a book or go ahead with your knitting. You aren’t attached to electricity! The clean odorless vapor is applied to your hair and soon you have a lovely head of curls.

Save with a new Chevrolet! Hot weather? Climb in this car, twist a convenient handle, and a brisk, fresh breeze springs up as if by magic. You are bathed in soothing coolness from head to foot. This is a feature no other low-priced car has – Fisher Ventilation, so designed that you can make your own weather as you drive. It is standard equipment on the new Chevrolet, along with the Starterator, the Octane Selector, Syncro Mesh Transmission, Simplified Free Wheeling and other advancements. Fisher Ventilation keeps you cool and soothes the nerves with driving that’s free from all effort. Chevrolet is certainly the ideal hot weather car. $445 to $565

Rasco’s Cash-Carry

‘Luxury foods at poverty prices’
Jack’s special flour – $1.45 48 lb. bag
Nu-Style oats – 12 1/2c 55 oz.