From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, July 2, 1942

At Boyd’s Store – Good fresh eggs, nice chickens. Come on up where your trade is appreciated. Plenty of room to park.

Beat the heat. Soothe and cool away heat rash and help prevent it – dust all over with Mexican Heat Powder – use after your bath. Costs little.

Why pay your wages to flies? Use Tanglefoot Fly Paper

Ration card holders will get a two-pound sugar bonus in the July-Aug. period because shipments of sugar into the country were larger than expected.

J.H. Hyde’s Store offered:

Ladies slacks for .98c

Ladies suits – sharkskins in blue, pink, and white for $3.75

Vacation in cool, scenic grandeur above the clouds. Swim, golf, ride horseback, dance and hike. Enjoy the luxury of the Lookout Mountain Hotel, near Chattanooga. Rates are $5.00 daily, including meals, tennis, swimming, and enjoy the patio in the evenings with dancing beneath starlit skies to the famous Lookout Mountain Orchestra.

Radio music is now being successfully used to divert the attention of patients on the operating table while under local anaesthetics!

Certain ultra short radio waves serve as death rays when directed upon bugs, plant parasites, germs, etc.

Making soap at home is an excellent way of using up waste fat or fats that are stale and rancid.