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The Southern Democrat, July 1, 1926

“Stubby,” mascot of the AEF, dog hero of the World War and the most bemedaled and bedecked dog in all dogdom, has just been mounted as a monument to his own bravery, after his death. Stubby was reincarnated in plaster and his hide mounted over the cast. In the cast itself is a metal box containing Stubby’s ashes. (From national news)

Blount County Bank has installed new and up-to-date safe deposit boxes. The boxes are large size with double lock and steel plate front. They are held inside the electrically protected vault where no burglar dares attack them.

For economical transportation, the Chevrolet is smooth and powerful. The Touring or Roadster is $510, Four door sedan $735, Coach or Coupe, $645.

Dr. Salters Eye Lotion – Relieves and cures sore and inflamed eyes. Helps the weak-eyed, cures without pain.

Oneonta will witness the first game of the year on the local diamond Monday when the Oneonta Outlaws meet the Gulf States Steel Co. team of Birmingham. Dr. M. Denton is manager, and veterans of last year will be John Hendrix, Clyde Murray, Bob Kelton, Dick Curlette, Frog Bains, John Mathison, Enoch Evans, and probably others.

At the Strand: ‘Why Men Leave Home,’ and ‘Play Ball’ 10c and 25c

Use Flit Powder to get rid of bed bugs – the most disgusting of all insects! Flit spray also clears your home of disease bearing flies and mosquitoes. Clean, safe, and easy to use. Spray it on your garments. Also destroys flies, moths, ants, and roaches.