From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, June 6, 1939

Make plans now to join and enjoy a vacation tour of Washington and the New York World’s Fair! From Birmingham including round-trip railroad fare, hotel room with twin beds, private bath; all sightseeing, boat cruise tour, night club, tips, and all meals on train and in Washington. Truly a wonderful trip! $87.60

Facts indefinite in Altoona fray

Brothers Vurdell and Doyce Davis are both in serious condition following a shooting spree that took place in the heart of the Altoona business district. Two younger boys were slightly wounded by glancing shots meant for the two Davis brothers. Chief Waldon is in the Etowah County Jail and is reportedly also under bond from a previous shooting. Reports indicate that several words were exchanged before Waldon is alleged to have drawn his pistol and opened fire.

Bruno the wrestling bear, here Friday

One of the largest crowds of the season is expected when Bruno, a giant black bear, goes into the ring with ‘Jumping Jack’ Steele. Many people ask if the bear is really a man in a bear suit, but be assured that Bruno is a real bear and can wrestle like a human being, getting arm locks, double nelsons, and other holds on his opponent. The bear has never been defeated, but if any wrestler can give the bear trouble, it will be the 210 lb. Steele.

Formal Opening of McCurry & Kimbrell Furniture Co.

To the first couple to be married in our store we will give free: one inner spring mattress, bed and springs. Prizes will be given to all other couples to be married at our store on this date.

Business houses to close Thursday afternoons

Leading merchants and businessmen of Oneonta voted to close Thursday afternoon through June, July, and August.