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The Southern Democrat, June 1, 1922

Should Death Occur

We carry suits and dresses, any size from the smallest to the largest in stock for less than you can buy the cloth to make them. Call Oneonta Coffin & Casket Co., Oneonta.

Ford Cars Scarce

Place your order now if you want a Ford Car any time soon. While the production is greater than ever before, the demand is even greater. The service and the price makes the Ford the most popular car on the market. Bains Motor Company

The Kitchen Cabinet

Stuffed Onions – Cook three pounds of silver skinned onions in boiling salted water until tender. Cut out the centers and fill with one-half cupful of chopped walnuts, one-half cupful of bread crumbs, the yolk of an egg, salt, pepper and celery salt to taste. Mix well and fill the onions. Bake one-half hour. Serve on a platter with roast beef.


Children Cry for Fletcher’s Castoria

3 percent alcohol – a vegetable preparation for regulating the stomachs and bowels of infants/children. Thereby promoting digestion, cheerfulness, and rest, contains neither opium, morphine, nor mineral.

Dropsy – treated for one week free. Cullom Dropsy Remedy Co.

Parker’s Hair Balm – Removes dandruff, stops hair falling, restores color and beauty to gray and faded hair. 60c and $1

Wrigleys Gum – Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, Doublemint, and PK. The perfect gum. Good after every meal. 10 for 5c

52 x 90 Bedsheets – 59c

Magnolia Balm – liquid face and toilet powder. For a beautiful complexion. Removes freckles, eruptions, sunburn, tan. Makes skin like velvet. Won’t rub off. Four colors: Brunette, White, Pink, and Rose-red for lips and cheeks.