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The Southern Democrat, May 8, 1969

Mother’s Day specials:

Wittmeier Ace Hardware offered ‘Gifts Galore to
Please Mother More!’ with a few items:
Portable mixer – $7.99
Vacuum cleaner – $24.99
Percolator – $12.88
Folding aluminum arm chair – $2.99

Lorch’s Diamond Shop
Dinner or Princess Rings – $19.88
Solid State radio – $4.95
Bridal solitare wedding ring – $150 (Nothing down,
$3 per week)

Blountsville goes all out for sesquicentennial

The state’s sesquicentennial is developing momentum in Blountsville. Mrs. Frank Carter heads the program planning. It is expected that there will be parades, charades, fireworks, games, and the delectable Lewis barbecue will be served. It is hoped there will be antebellum-costumed clerks in all the business establishments during the month. Mrs. Jack Cornelius and her committee are planning an exciting display of antiquities. Attics and cellars are revealing precious and forgotten treasures that will be safely displayed in the town hall.

Law breakers in jeopardy

The Oneonta police chief points out that the number of arrests in this week’s report might be misconstrued as a trap to gain revenue, but emphasizes that arrests of law breakers were made soley as safety measures and had nothing to do with revenue.

Arrests (among others)

Operating without license plates – 1
Public drunkenness – 6
Speeding – 5
Reckless driving – 4
Resisting arrest – 3
Violation prohibition law – 5
Running red light – 17