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The Southern Democrat, February 9, 1933

Child Badly Burned

The little seven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eppison, Jr., was severely burned at their home on route 3, Oneonta last Thursday morning.

It seems the child was sitting in front of an open fireplace when its clothing caught on fire. It had its back toward the fire and the blaze ran up its back burning it all the way from hips to head. it was though at first the child had very little chance for recovery, but it is still living and the attending physician says it has a chance.

Relief For Unemployment

At a meeting of about 40 or 50 citizens of Oneonta at the Masonic Hall Tuesday night plans were worked out for the relief of the unemployed.

After considerable discussion it was decided to furnish work for the unemployed who are able to work and pay them in scrip which is to be accepted at face value by merchants and business men of Oneonta. The scrip is to be retired by the relief committee at the end of ninety days or sooner if it has received thirty-five endorsements. Each endorser is to pay the treasurer of the committee three cents when he endorses the scrip.

It is said that there are about fifteen families in Oneonta that are without means of support and it is hoped through this plan to make them self sustaining until they can get regular employment.

Produce On Subscription To The Democrat

During the month of February we will accept produce on subscription to The Democrat, such as corn, hay, white peas, Irish potatoes, sorghum syrup (must be good), chickens, eggs, canned fruits and vegetables. This offer is for the month of February only.

Exchange Column

I will exchange my pig Lucretia for young dewberry plants or cotton seed, long staple. T.C. Logan, Rt. 1 Remlap

I have 800 pound mule I want to swap for larger one. Would pay difference if deserved. Hoyt Murphree, Rt. 3 Oneonta

I would like to swap a country-cured ham for guano distributor. W.J. Duke, Oneonta