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The Southern Democrat, August 30, 1928

Knocked Down By Lightning

During an electric storm Saturday afternoon Bill Aniton and his little grandson, Roy Roberson, Jr., were knocked to the pavement when lightning struck a shade tree on Second Avenue near the residence of R.R. Harris.

Neither was seriously hurt. The little one was cut on one arm and was bruised about the head. Bill was badly shocked but was otherwise uninjured.

The two were walking along the sidewalk and had just passed the tree and were about ten feet from it when it was struck.

The lightning tore strips of the timber from the tree and hurled them a distance of eighty feet or more.

Shooting Near McLarty

Hugh Staton is in a Birmingham hospital as the result of a shooting that took place near McLarty last week.

The shot that made it necessary for Staton to go to the hospital is said to have been fired by Mrs. Homer Staton, the wife of a tenant on Hugh Staton’s farm.

A shot gun was used, the shot taking effect in Hugh’s legs below the knees, the flesh on one leg being almost completely torn from the bone.

According to reports reaching The Democrat, both families used water from the same well which is located at the tenant house occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Homer Staton. For some reason, it is said, Mrs. Staton objected to Hugh getting water from the well.

He ignored her protest and the shooting followed.

While the parties are of the same name they are not related.

High School Opens

The Blount County High School opened Monday with an enrollment of 254.

It is expected that this will be increased to 300 or more in the next few weeks.

All the teachers were present at the opening.

Coach Hunt is getting his football team lined up and in a few weeks will be ready to meet the heavy schedule that has been made for the season.