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The Southern Democrat, May 24, 1945

Hospital Committee met Friday night

The Executive Board of the Blount County Hospital Committee met on Friday evening at the American Legion Building with the chairman, W.P. Gordon, presiding.

The name, “Blount County Memorial Hospital”, was chosen as the name. The hospital will be a memorial to all those who have rendered a service to their country during this war.

Doctors are seriously needed to care for the sick of our County, but we cannot hope for more doctors until we have proper hospital facilities.

Tentative plans were made for Dr. Krackle, Dean of the Alabama School of Medicine, to speak to a representative group of citizens at an early date.

Paul Jones bitten by Black Widow Spider

Paul Jones, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Coy Jones of Route 3 Blountsville, was bitten by a Black Widow spider Tuesday, May 22nd.

The youth started to pull his shoe on without a sock. The spider was in the shoe and bit him on the heel when his foot slipped into the shoe.

Jones had been very sick from the effects of the bite, but the attending physician says he will recover.