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The Southern Democrat, October 21, 1948

Freeze Costs County About Half Million

The cold freezing weather which hit Alabama, and particularly Blount County, late Sunday night and into Monday, struck a deadly blow to Blount’s late tomato crop. The unexpected cold snap, which sent the thermometer 4 and 5 degrees below the freezing mark, caught the tomato growers completely by surprise.

As one farmer said: “I knew by listening to the radio on Sunday it was going to turn cold but I never dreamed it would be that cold.”

W.H. Ward, Blount’s County Agent, estimated the damage to the tomato crop to be between $250,000 and $500,000. “I have checked and there isn’t a patch that has escaped,” he said.

Methodist Bishop Dedicates Memorial

The dedication of Lester Memorial Methodist Church last Sunday was attended by a large crowd of local and visiting members and friends of the church. The impressive services were conducted by Bishop Clare Purcell, Resident Bishop of the Birmingham Area.

Lester Memorial has completed a new Educational Building this year, installed a new heating system throughout, and has redecorated the main building. The entire membership and the town as a whole may justly be proud of this newly dedicated religious institution.

Municipal Bus Service To Begin Here Soon

City bus service will be available to Oneonta in the very near future. Delivery is expected momentarily on two new municipal-type buses to be place in operation by T.V. Kimberly and W.C. Copeland. Mr. Kimberly is the operator of Tri-County Bus Line and Mr. Copeland is Pan-Am’s distributor here.

Tentative routes include the highways from Oneonta to the limits of police jurisdiction and the primary streets and avenues within the city limits.