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The Southern Democrat, September 7, 1967

City to update downtown lights

Oneonta City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to update the town’s street lighting. Alabama Power Company will replace the existing 81 incandescent units with 68 mercury vapor units along first and second avenues and on one block each of second, third, fourth, and fifth streets. The new units, installed at power company expense, will increase the intensity of light from 475,000 lumens to 2,074,000.

Court restrains schools from act compliance

H.L. Street and Clyde Blackwood, superintendents of Oneonta and Blount County schools respectively, were served by mail Wednesday morning with a federal court restraining order against compliance with the act passed by the Alabama Legislature and signed by Governor Lurleen Wallace directing the state’s school systems to allow pupils’ parents or guardians to select the teachers of the pupils by race.

Sheriff’s office weekly report

According to Sheriff J.C. Carr, twenty-two arrests were made by his department last week: four for public drunkenness, four for violating the prohibition law, eight for driving while intoxicated, three for highway drunkenness, two for reckless driving, and one for assault with intent to ravish.