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The Southern Democrat, March 29, 1934

Political Rally Saturday

The people of Hayden have just completed the auditorium to their new school building. They are celebrating this event by staging a political rally to which they are inviting all candidates.

Tom Skinner, assistant City Attorney, of Birmingham, has accepted an invitation to make a speech in the interest of Col. Bibb Graves for Governor. The meeting will begin at one o’clock, but Mr. Skinner will not speak until 2:30. Other candidates or their representatives will be heard.

Only Eight Take Examination For Oneonta Postoffice

Only eight applicants for the Oneonta Postoffice took the examination in Birmingham last Saturday. It was thought for a while that there would be at least forty but when the time came for the examination only eight showed up.

The following is a list of those who took the examination: John R. Denton, Emery Lowery, W.W. Wilson, Alfred Bains, Jr., Brice Bains, Jr., all of Oneonta; Clint Bynum, of route 1, Oneonta; W.A. Cuzzort, of route 3, Oneonta; and W.A. Morris, of Cleveland.

J.P. Gardner, the Acting Postmaster, is also an applicant, and having taken the examination some time ago, is on the eligible list.

It is thought the appointment will be made soon after the Civil Service Commission certifies the list of eligibles to the Postmaster General.

Special Note

Paul Hunt says he had such a splendid crowd at his entertainment at Eargle School last Friday night that he wants to thank everyone, and if you want your money back just try to get it.