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The Southern Democrat, October 19, 1983

Oneonta’s $2.6 million sewer rehabilitation project now funded

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given the final go-ahead for funding of Oneonta’s sewer project, releasing some $2.6 million to allow the local utilities board to complete rehabilitation of its sewer lines, as well as construct a new pump station and wastewater treatment plant.

Plans for such sewer work were in place in 1979, when federal cutbacks created a backlog of priority projects. During that time, however, Oneonta was able to redraw its specifications to include a special type of wastewater treatment plant, considered “new and innovative” by EPA officials.

Oneonta budget shows deficit for coming year

City of Oneonta’s budget for fiscal 1983-84 shows a deficit of $110,709 in its general fund. The budget of $1,042,050 in anticipated expenditures is only about $7000 more than actual expenditures in the fiscal year closed Sept. 30.

Mayor Jack Fendley and council members, in adopting the budget Oct. 11, expressed hope that expenses could be held down during the course of the year. However, the mayor said later that the city has some funds held as a cushion against unexpected developments and will be able to end the year in the black.

Highland Lake to buy more property

Highland Lake is borrowing $28,000 from First State Bank of Altoona in order to purchase from Lake Highland Beach, Inc., more property than is included in an existing purchase agreement. Involved are 55 or 57 parcels on River Road.

Mayor Frank Lucas and council members Joicy Williams, Jim Bailey, and Pat Bellew voted Saturday morning in favor of a resolution authorizing the mayor and town clerk Teresa Sloan to execute whatever documents will be required in making the loan. Councilman Doug Adams, who chaired the portion of the Oct. 15 meeting when the mayor introduced the resolution, voted “present.”