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From The Southern Democrat, Oct. 6, 1927

House Burns

The residence of Homer Woodard, on route 2 Oneonta, was destroyed by fire last Thursday afternoon.

The origin of the fire is unknown. Mr. Woodard was away from home at the time and members of his family were in the field picking cotton. Most of Mr. Woodard’s personal effects and clothing were burned with very few saved.

We understand that Mr. Woodard had some insurance but not enough to cover the loss.

Shuff Building Changes Hands

Ike Matthews, a prominent business man, of Bessemer, has bought the Shuff Building on First Avenue from A.A. Fendley.

Mr. Matthews will open a business here just as soon as he can re-arrange the interior of the building which he is planning to do at an approximate cost of $2,000.00.

Just what kind of business will be conducted was not stated but it will be something in the mercantile line.

Blount Is Winning

Our Warriors battled with Boaz, Friday, Sept. 30th, and defeated them to the tune of 12-0.

Yes, we met a good team. Boaz knocked the boys loose the first quarter. Our interference improved and in the second quarter we began to threaten Boaz. Wade threw a pass to Tidwell who went for a touchdown. Again in the third quarter Blount threatened Boaz. To carry out the threat, Wade completed one more pass to Pruett who snaked it out of the air when over Boaz’s touchdown line.

You have heard of Blount’s winning. Now come and see how it’s done on our field against Fairview, Friday, Oct. 7th.

Adult season tickets (four home games) $1.25; adult single admission 40¢.