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The Blount Countian, April 12, 2006

FLFR celebrates 15 years

A group that began as a protest to the Birmingham Water Works Board’s (BWWB) attempt to dam the Locust Fork River celebrated its 15th year Saturday night at Palisades Park.

Sam Howell, president of the group and one of its founding members, welcomed everyone and recounted the history of the organization.

After Howell’s introduction and welcome, Dr. Doug Phillips, a Blount County native and host of the award-winning Alabama Public Television show Discovering Alabama, addressed the audience and recalled his time spent on the river (he spent his early years in Cleveland).

County to upgrade computer system, jail doors

At its monthly meeting Monday, the Blount County Commission voted to authorize a request for bids to upgrade two major county systems: the computer system that serves courthouse offices and the security door system at the county jail.

The courthouse computer system is approaching its capacity limits for storage and records for 2006 could not be stored at the end of this year without deleting records for at least one prior year.

The upgrade to the jail security-door system would provide for electronically unlocking doors in the event of fire or other emergency.