From the Archives

The Southern Democrat, December 31, 1925

Fire at Cleveland

Cleveland had another disastrous fire Monday night. The post office, Box and Son’ store and the barber shop went up in smoke.

The fire originated in the Box and Son’s store and was discovered between and 11 and 12 o’clock and quickly spread to the other buildings.

Nothing from the store was saved.

Roscoe Bynum was living in the rear of the post office. He saved only part of his household effects. Most of the post office supplies were burned.

Auto Wrecks

There were two auto wrecks in and near Oneonta during the holidays.

On Thursday afternoon Rural Carrier S.M. Hendricks had a narrow escape when he was run into by a young Mr. Whittington at Allgood. Hendricks had stopped on the side of the road to collect some mail, when Whittington approached from the rear and struck his car. The Whittington car was turned over in the impact and he was underneath it but neither he nor Hendricks were hurt. Both cars were pretty badly torn up.

On Saturday afternoon a car driven by James Cowden and one driven by a Mr. Davis, of Trafford, collided at the crossing of Second Street and Second Avenue. The car driven by Mr. Davis which contained his wife and children was overturned but all escaped without injury. The Davis car was so badly damaged that it could not proceed on the journey and Davis and his family boarded the train and returned to their home near Trafford.

$75.00 Reward

We the Town Council of the Town of Blountsville, Ala., and the citizens of Blountsville will pay $75.00 to any one who will find and furnish sufficient evidence for conviction of the person or persons undertaking to destroy, by dynamiting, the Calaboose of said town on the night of Nov. 1st, 1925. Monroe Graves, Mayor; E.F. NeSmith, Clerk; D.L. Julian; J.W. Power; R.C. Copeland; W.L. Hudson, Aldermen.