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Advanced To Second Class

The Oneonta postoffice has met all requirements to be advanced to a second class office on July 1st.

The business of the office increased more than fourteen per cent last year, putting the receipts from the sale of stamps at more than eight thousand dollars.

The money order business was more than forty thousand dollars. It is noted that most of these money orders were in small amounts, most less than ten dollars.

In passing from the third to the second class Oneonta is in line for a government building but this will not likely come for some time yet as the government closed a deal the latter part of last year on a lease for the Gramling-Davidson building for a period of five years. This building is being remodeled and put in shape for the post office to be moved on April 1st.

However the government will probably be asked to procure a site for a post office building during the present year and further efforts may be put forth to secure free city delivery.

Vehicle License

All persons who are in Beat 12 and 12 1/2 are subject to pay vehicle license. All not paid by March 1st will be subject to pay penalty.

Henry F. Box, Collector

Nectar News

Health of this community is good at present except there are a few cases of mumps

Our school is progressing nicely under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Hanners and Miss Carrie Head.

Euel Deaver and Miss Bertha Johnson surprised their many friends by getting married Sunday, Feb. 20th. Rev. Marion Walker performed the ceremony. We wish them a long and happy life.

Hoping to see this in print I will close by wishing everyone luck.

– “Nectar Hicks”.