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The Southern Democrat April 25, 1984

Controversy continues to rock county’s youngest municipality

Controversy continues to rock the county’s youngest municipality, with some residents claiming the town of Susan Moore annexed their land illegally. Town council members say those annexed during their last two expansions signed petitions clearly stating their intentions to become part of the town.

Susan Moore has exercised an Alabama law allowing owners of property lying contiguous to a municipality’s land limits to petition the town council for annexation. In two annexation actions four months ago, the town almost doubled its size and increased its population by around one-third. Lessons to be learned from tragedy, say council members

“Right now we need to take this tragedy and learn from it,” said Mike Holmes, vice president of the Blount County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council, speaking of the April 14 accident 1/4 mile north of the Fisherman’s Hub near Allgood.

The accident, which claimed two lives and injured four other victims, has prompted the council to form a committee to study the methods used to dispatch rescue squads. “The first unit on the scene should appraise the situation and call for any needed assistance,” said Holmes.

James Osborne, assistant chief of the Allgood Fire Department, submitted a letter for the council to read concerning the way the accident was handled. Osborne stated he learned of the accident via a scanner radio, and, since it happened in his area, drove to the scene. Arriving and feeling the ambulance obviously needed help, he called the sheriff’s dispatcher, Phillip Pearson, to request that Allgood Rescue Squad be dispatched.

Holmes said, “We have to find out who can get there first and start working and then see who else is going to be needed and call them.”