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The Southern Democrat March 18, 1954

Oneonta Stove Plant Gets Final ‘OK’ From Voters

The voters of Oneonta gave an almost unanimous O.K. to proposition of erecting a suitable building to house the Flato stove factory, which is expected to move to Oneonta this fall. The vote was 875 for and 11 against, meaning that nearly 99% of the votes cast were in favor of the proposition.

Since the election went over in such a one-sided way the Chamber of Commerce can go ahead in purchasing their portion of the land, ten acres on which the building is to be corrected. Flato will buy an additional 28 acres, it is understood.

This was the largest vote ever cast in the history of the City of Oneonta. Out of the total 1058 legal voters in the city limits, 986 went to the polls. Fire Lashes Oneonta Ice Plant

Fire of unknown origin destroyed the Blount Ice Company plant here last Saturday night about 11 o’clock. The roof of Dr. Lewis Kirkland’s office and that of Trio Dress Shop also caught fire and some cosmetic stock in the latter was damaged. The Oneonta Fire Department did a good job in controlling the conflagration, which could so easily have done immeasurable damage.

The plant, which was owned by J.W. Mitchell and valued at about $20,000, was a total loss and was only partially covered by insurance. Mr. Mitchell, who was in Florida at the time, has not decided whether to rebuild or not.