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The Southern Democrat, August 28, 1930

Meridian Highway to be Completed

Assurance that the Meridian Highway from Huntsville to Oneonta would be completed was given by Governor Graves to a delegation that appeared before him last Thursday to learn about the plans of the State in reference to this road.

There are two convict camps at work on this highway, one located near Whitesburg and the other near Arab. The Governor assured the delegation that at least one of the camps would remain on this road until it is completed to Oneonta.

The road is of more than ordinary importance since it is to be the main highway leading to the Whitesburg bridge, one of the toll bridges across the Tennessee River. It also traverses one of the best agricultural sections of the State, which heretofore has practically been cut off from the markets because of inadequate roads.

Three Announce for Mayor

With the approach of the city election to be held on Sept. 15th local politics are warming up.

Three candidates have filed their announcements for Mayor and nine for Aldermen.

Those who are seeking the job as Mayor are the present incumbent A.A. Fendley, H.R. Denton and Frank Holcombe. Those who would like to serve as Aldermen are A.S. Bains, J.P. Bynum, E.F. Daily, G.N. Ellis, H.H. Garner, L.S. Hendrix, R.M. Howard, J.S. Sellers and C.D. Wright.

Grammar School to open next Tuesday

The Oneonta Grammar School opens next Tuesday for a session of eight or nine months.

Prof. W.M. Self, the principal, will teach Sixth Grade.

Mrs. W.M. Self will teach the 5th.

Miss Davie Spradlin will teach the 4th.

Miss Etta Stone, the 3rd.

Mrs. Horace Ellis, the 1st.

Miss Rosalie Sloan the beginners.

The enrollment is expected to go over three hundred this year.