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The Blount Countian, May 20, 1996

City will buy Oneonta Worship Center for library

The Oneonta City Council will pay $267,500 to the Oneonta Worship Center for its building and adapt the church for use as a public library. The structure is located between Washington and Ingram avenues and faces Second Street South.

The council approved the church’s proposal at its May 14 meeting, with councilman David Wilson remarking “perfect…a God-given place for a library.” The library presently occupies crowded space in the city hall. Waste-water treatment upgrade costs $1.9 million

New equipment at the waste-water treatment plant designed to bring the Oneonta Utilities Board into compliance with effluent regulations is now in operation. The plant undertook the $1.9 million upgrade of equipment when former equipment failed to cleanse sewage well enough to meet new standards of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Since the first violations, the standards have been increased, but engineers assure board members the replacement equipment will meet the new limits. Bike cops lend assurance in public housing communities

One who breaks the law in an Oneonta public housing community may be chased and arrested by a cop traveling on a mountain bike equipped with siren, lights, and radio.

Steve Gunn and Steve Hogeland, police officers assigned to the housing complexes, say the bike is an idea that grew out of the $90,000 HUD grant the city received last year to help head off drug and crime problems in those areas. Hayden prepares for Olympic Torch Run

Hayden continues its preparations for the Olympic Torch Run June 29. Committees are organizing roadside cleanup, entertainment for the day of the run, and promotions to encourage both residents along the run and other Blount Countians to participate in this oncein a-lifetime event.