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The Southern Democrat, April 8, 1976

Coal tax for roads to be proposed

Rep. Joe Brindley informed The Democrat Monday night that he plans to introduce again a bill to levy a coal severance tax in Blount County.

The 15 cents a ton levy on coal producers is to be used to repair, maintain, and construct improved roads in Blount County. Brindley introduced such a bill in the 1975 session but it failed to gain passage.

The bill will be introduced in the next legislative session in May.

Girls athletics plan receives attention

Oneonta City Board of Education received a plan Monday night for organization of a Blount County Girls Athletic Conference. Margaret Aycock, Oneonta High physical education teacher, asked the board to study the proposal.

The conference program’s purpose would be to organize, schedule, and conduct a successful interscholastic athletics program for girls of Blount County. Mrs. Aycock’s plan apparently derives from the Federal Title IX Program, which seeks to assure equal opportunities for girls in sports programs.

The board’s sanction of the conference will be sought by Mrs. Aycock at the board’s next regular meeting on April 26.

The called meeting was attended by board president Ollen Ratliff and members Franklin Fendley, Dr. Doyle Snead, and G. F. R. Wheat, Jr. L.D. Bentley was absent because of illness. Others present were Superintendent designate Bill Burdette, high school principal Fred Basye, Mrs. Aycock, and Superintendent H. L. Street.