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Sheriff raids still; arrests man, woman Mortimer Smith, 48, and Joyce Dale Isbel, 24, both of Guntersville, were arrested around 3:30 Monday afternoon by Sheriff J.C. Carr and charged with possession of a still. Both were taken to the Blount County Jail but were released around 10:00 Tuesday morning after $1000 bond was posted for each. Deputies Paul Small, Ezra Poole, and Fred Allcorn, ABC Agent Byrd McDonald, ATU officers from Birmingham assisted in arresting the two after discovery of a 630-gallon still in the house they were occupying on Horton route one, one mile west of McClarty. Officials seized five gallons of whiskey found in the house; a 1960 Dodge car with 60 gallons of whiskey in the trunk; a 1960 Valiant with six pints of whiskey in it; a horse trailer containing materials for an 1100- gallon capacity still; several five-gallon cans and several cans of yeast.

Local announcer denied use of Pell City football stadium press box Oneonta’s WCRL radio announcer Jerry Hudson was denied use of the Pell City High School Stadium press box after he had already set up facilities for the taping of the Pell City-Oneonta high school football game. Ed Blair, editor of The St. Clair News-Aegis, informed Hudson that two of the three compartments were already devoted to radio and loud speaker systems and that the third compartment, where the Oneonta announcer was taping, was reserved for newspaper reporters. Hudson stated that in seven years of taping he had never been denied press box facilities. Nor has Oneonta ever denied either newspaper or radio personnel use of its box, although its crowded condition had inspired Editor Blair last year to write rather sarcastically about its inadequacy.