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Blount Convicts In Prison Break Two Blount County convicts were in the prison break at Speigner Sunday afternoon. Grover Shaddrix was among those who broke through the wall of the prison and Charley Dutton was slightly wounded in the riot which followed the shooting of a convict by the name of Carl Singleton. From newspaper reports it appears that the convicts were out in the open court engaged in a game of football. While the game was in progress some of the boys battered a hole through the wall and were in the act of escaping when they were fired upon by the guards. Two of the convicts were wounded, one so severely that he died a few minutes later. It was when these wounded men were being brought back into the yards, it is said, that a hundred men rushed down near the front gate. Twenty one convicts were wounded and Dutton is said to have been shot in the corner of the mouth. Dutton was convicted of seduction at the recent term of the Blount County Circuit Court and was given a sentence of from two to three years in the penitentiary. Shaddrix had been in the penitentiary for several years serving a sentence for robbery.

Howard’s Rats To Play At Clarence Coach Billy Bancroft, coach of the Howard Freshmen team will bring his charges to Clarence Friday afternoon to pit them against the Susan Moore High School. Both coaches – Bancroft and Lee Roberts are ex-stars for Howard – both played on the same team, and of course a fierce friendly battle will ensue between these teams. Both teams are reported to be in excellent shape physically and both teams will put their finest array into action. The game will be played at Clarence Friday, Oct. 21st, and will begin at 2:30. Admission 15¢ and 25¢.

Senator To Speak At Altoona Senator Hugo Black is scheduled to speak at Altoona, to-night ( Thursday) at 7:30. Senator Black is one of Alabama’s best orators and tells in a vivid way what is happening at our National Capital. He will discuss the economic condition and will tell you what he thinks will happen when Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected President with a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate backing him up in his policies.