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The Southern Democrat, September 18, 1985

County board borrows to pay teachers

The Blount County Board of Education will borrow between $90,000 and $100,000 to pay teachers and support personnel raises for the first month of the current school year. State funds will cover the raises for the remainder of the year.

The county board voted in a special meeting Saturday to make raises effective with the Sept. 30 payroll according to a mandate from the Alabama Legislature. That first month’s pay actually falls within the last month of the previous fiscal year and that budget made no allowance for the 15% raises.

Remlap – Water service and incorporation are topics of survey

A steering committee elected by Remlap residents is preparing to conduct a door-to-door survey to determine whether residents would be interested in receiving water service if it were available and whether they favor incorporating the area.

The committee met Sept. 9 to study an area map to locate residents. In order for an area to become a municipality, its population, including children, can be no less than 75.

Hackney optimistic

“If the pace and cooperativeness of the board, medical staff, hospital, and Blount Countians for the past 12 months continues for the next 36-48 months, Blount County will have a health care delivery system and hospital as good as any in the state.”

That’s what administrator Tom Hackney told Blount County Hospital Board Sept. 9 in reporting on the first full year of operation of Blount Memorial since he leased it from the board.