Former Bangor fire chief arrested on theft of property charges

Michael Claude Watson, 45, chief of the Bangor Volunteer Fire Department from 2007 until last year, was arrested Monday by agents of the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s office. The arrest was announced by Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey, and came after fire marshals conducted an investigation into the use of fire department funds while Watson was chief.

Watson is charged with two counts of theft of property, 1st degree and one count of theft of property, 2nd degree. The 1st degree charges related to using fire department funds in excess of $3,000 to obtain cellular phone service for his family, and for using fire department funds in excess of $5,000 to buy computers, printers, and electronics for personal use. The 2nd degree charge was for using fire department funds to write himself a check for $1,476 for reimbursement for property that was never purchased.

Watson is being held at the Blount County Correctional Facility on a $90,000 bond.