Forks in your family tree

Where did great grandpa come from? Whom did cousin Matilda marry? Am I Irish or Jewish? We all wonder at times about these genealogical mysteries. In many cases records are lost, old-timers forget, and we simply do not know where to begin to find answers.

The Blount County Historical Society, teamed with the Blount County Memorial Museum, has developed an avenue to most residents’ family histories. The historical society is now providing free access to the website
via a modern computer housed in the museum.

Through this medium, users can enter a name and as much information as is available about a family ancestor and access a long list of files pertaining to that person. Among the possibilities are census and voting records, immigration records, land deed records, military records, and marriage and death records.

Access to the website is free to historical society members. The $10 annual membership dues help pay for access to the site, as well as the many other projects and services the society provides.

Amy Rhudy, museum curator-historian, said it is necessary to schedule an appointment to use the service. Amy can be reached at the museum (625-6905) Tuesdays through Fridays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.