Forgery victim copes with life after robbery

Living a life of normality has proven to be a challenge for Margaret Little of the Summit community after her life was turned upside down four months ago.

In March, Little’s home was burglarized. More than $5000 worth of antiques such as golden oak furniture, dolls, and cooking utensils was stolen from her home.

Little had collected these antiques for 25 years and was saving them for her children. The time, labor, and money that she put into restoring these antiques has now been wasted.

“I fell to the floor grieving. When you walk into your house and all the drawers are opened and so much has been taken, you feel violated,” said Little.

Also taken from her home was a book of checks from a closed account that Little had stuffed into the back of a drawer and forgotten about. Days after the robbery, Little was informed that someone had cashed a check from that account. Four checks have been cashed so far in Blount and Cullman counties, each ranging between $50 and $80.

A woman attempted to cash one for $350 at Warehouse Discount Groceries in Marshall County. After a manager asked for photo identification, the woman fled.

Since the burglary, Little has had to sign affidavits stating that the checks were forged in her name.

“The victim becomes the thief. It’s turned on me. I have to keep the forgery papers with me at all times or I could be arrested for an outstanding warrant for a worthless check,” said Little.

Blount County investigator Jeff Kirkland is currently working on the case. A suspect has been identified, but no arrests have been made yet

“As long as I can keep the investigation alive, I’m going to,” said Little.

Little advises others to protect their personal information.

“Please guard your identity and destroy credit card offers and anything that asks for your private information. Forgotten checks have brought a lot of hardships to me and I never thought someone would be in my home going through my objects and dumping them,” said Little.