Forged signatures

Mine and my family’s signatures were forged on a petition. After a phone call from a friend who is on the Keep Blount County Special committee informing me that our signatures were on the petition, I was outraged that this could happen in our little corner of the world. I contacted the probate office and spoke with Chris Green regarding the forgeries. I asked to see the signatures and he produced the petition in a timely manner. On this petition sheet were eight names and of the eight, five of them were forgeries.

According to the probate judge, the names are all certified and a matter of public record and can be viewed by anyone who is willing to pay for a copy. This means any media whether it is electronic or print, such as this paper, could publish all the names on the list. I have asked that the forged signatures of my family and me be removed from the certified list as I would not want anyone to think that we signed it.

You may want to contact the probate office and ask if your name is on the list. I would never have guessed mine would be. It really makes you wonder why someone would stoop so low as to have to forge signatures. Really, the people of Blount County deserve honesty and it just goes to show you that honesty is out the window if you can’t get your way.

My family’s names may not be the only ones on the petition that are forgeries and I will continue to pursue the identity of the individual (the same person signed all four names) who forged our names and will press charges as forgery and defamation of character is a crime.

Teresa H. Sloan