Flower theft

Recently we decorated family graves at Harmony Baptist Church. While
driving by one day, my daughter and I realized that flowers were missing from
my parents, grandparents, and several other family graves. An SUV was parked
at the church and a woman was walking around the cemetery.

My daughter and I began talking with this woman and mentioned that we
were very upset that our flowers had been stolen. She said she was getting
flowers from her grandparent’s graves to use again, but it soon became obvious
that she didn’t know where their graves were or even their names. Now
more suspicious, we asked to see the flowers she removed. The arrangement
in her vehicle was one that had been on my grandparent’s graves. After asking
to look in her vehicle, she suddenly had to leave.

The woman who took the flowers “by mistake” is a teacher with the
Oneonta School system. She first said she was from Birmingham. We have
confirmed she lives in the area and we have filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

How can we expect our children to make the right decisions and be held
accountable when the people teaching them do not provide an example of
good character? I simply cannot understand why someone would commit a
crime such as this.

There are bad apples in every occupation and all walks of life, but this bad
apple should have known better.

Did she and anyone else who steals these flowers take them to use again? I
think not. A word of caution: if you buy flowers from a roadside stand or at a
flea market, you may be buying stolen flowers. Stolen by a person with no
respect for the living, the dead, or themselves.

Imogene Skillman