Floor plans for new campus center signify breadth of usage



The floor plans shown here are by no means final, according to city manager Ed Lowe. They represent a first estimate of floor space needs for the several different functions to be incorporated into the design of the multipurpose Wallace State campus center building. The floor plan will be amended as circumstances dictate, he said. The building is scheduled for completion in time for the spring semester of 2018.

“We intend for this building to meet the needs of various age and interest groups within the community. It can’t be everything to everybody, of course, but we want to design it to meet as many needs as is practical,” Lowe said. He added that public meetings will be scheduled in the near future to present the concept, drawings, and details to the community for discussion and input.



Picking up on multipurpose uses – there are at least five known at the moment, two of which do not appear on the floor plans: (1) community college, (2) Oneonta public library, (3) community auditorium, (4) small business incubator, (not shown), (5) workforce/ technical training (not shown).

Workforce/technical training will be included in Wallace State’s course offerings, but it will not be housed – except perhaps for exclusively classroom work – within the campus center building proper. It will entail one or more locations in the area, not neces- sarily contiguous to the campus center building. CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) training is one type of skill training being studied for early inclusion in the Wallace State schedule.

The present Oneonta Public Library building will be demolished to make way for the Wallace State campus center, according to Lowe. During construction, the library will be moved to a temporary location, then moved back into a larger space in the completed building. Lowe said the city is looking at a couple of different options as to where to house the library while awaiting completion of the new building, but that no conclusions have been reached yet.

While the campus center is being built, the Alabama National Guard building will be used to offer a range of Wallace State classes, beginning next semester, the spring of 2016. The official schedule of classes will be available locally soon, as well as appearing on the Wallace State website, www.wallacestate.edu.

Meanwhile, the courses to be taught are known, although the time slots when they will be offered are not. During the daytime, courses taught (subject to adequate numbers of students registering) will be Principles of Biology I and lab. Basic English I and II, English Composition I, Developmental Reading, Basic Mathematics, Intermediate College Algebra, Precalculus Algebra, and Freshman Seminar.

Evening classes will include Principles of Biology I, Basic English/English Composition I, Elementary Algebra/Intermediate Algebra, and Freshman Seminar.

Tentative schedules of classes have been prepared through the fall semester of 2017, according to Wallace State president Vicky Karolewics.