Five county towns vote for local leaders Aug. 23

Allgood, Blountsville, Hayden, Oneonta, and Snead will hold municipal elections Tuesday, Aug. 23, to elect local leaders.

Allgood will elect three town council members. Blountsville will elect a mayor. Hayden will elect one council member. Oneonta will elect four city council members and a member of the city school board. Snead will elect a mayor and a town council member.

The offices that will appear on the ballot for each town and the candidates contending for each office follow. (I) indicates an incumbent.

Important dates: Aug. 23 – election day; Aug. 18 – last day to request an absentee ballot; Oct. 4 – runoff election, if needed; Nov. 7 – elected candidates take office.

Polling places: Allgood – Fire Hall; Blountsville – Town Hall; Hayden – Town Hall; Oneonta – Frank Green Building; Snead – Old Community Center behind police department (235 Park Circle).

Council Place 3
Frances P. Gibbs OR Jimmy Dale
Taylor (I)
Council Place 4
Brenda Griffin OR Marlin “Moe”

Bowman (I)
Council Place 5
Crystal Thomason OR Valra
Henderson (I)
Rex Weaver OR Michael L. Glass (I)
Council Place 3
Mark Staton OR Morris Winnett (I)
Council Place 1
Daniel Clem OR Richard Phillips
Council Place 2
Rob Rice OR Tonya Harvey Rogers (I)
Council Place 3
Nathaniel “Nate” Butler OR Mark
Gargus (I)
Council Place 5
Michael “Mike” Jackson OR Danny
Robinson (I)
Oneonta City Board of Education
Place 5
Tracy Shea OR Russell Smith
Mark Spradlin OR Charles Sanders OR
LaShone Price OR Curtis Painter (I)
Council Place 5
Dwight Trey Chrisitan OR Ann
Garrison Sullins OR Sherry Allred Kent