Find the missing do, re, mi

Thank you District Attorney Pamela Casey, for putting good questions to the Blount County Commission and doing your job. Any time public monies come up missing, the district attorney should know as they are more able to investigate this type of white collar crime.

Whether it is monies from past times in the tag drawer not balancing, passport monies, or in this recent incident, monies missing from the Hayden Courthouse Annex, the checks and balances of good daily fiduciary practices should come first before the hand shaking, back slapping, and singing of running for public office.

If you are appointed to or elected to a public office, you are accountable and should welcome questions. If there was a problem with District Attorney Casey asking questions, then we the public should have a problem with any office holder who would skirt the issue. She should be able to ask where the monies are going, how they are handled, and she should have access to the investigative file.

All public office holders should be qualified in some field related to the one they hold to best serve the public. They should be readily able to manage instead of requiring a constant tutorial from other public officials.

Let’s all get on the same page and sing now. Let’s find the missing do, re, mi, and get it back into the revenue account.

Sid Martin Former Blount County Commissioner