Final meeting for mayor, council

Town of Blountsville

The Blountsville Town Council met Oct. 19. In attendance were Mayor Michael Glass and council members Dennis Beavers, Bob Cornelius, Cathy Irvin, Ken Mullins, and Barry Smith. This marked their last meeting to serve the town as mayor and council.

On Irvin’s recommendation, the council unanimously approved Cass Taylor to fill a vacancy in the police department. In the Oct. 5 meeting, the council approved an annual cost of living raise for full-time employees.

Other items on the agenda involved employee health benefits and rate increases for the 2021 calendar year, employee sick leave, and the contract for Avenu Insights & Analytics for the town’s business license collections. Those items will be discussed and voted on by the next council, which will be sworn in Nov. 2. In closing, Glass asked council members if they had any comments since this would be their last meeting.

Beavers said, “This being the last meeting, I hope that the new council will look at some of the things the town is facing and make some adjustments as they see fit. I wish them well and think that we have a lot of good things going. I would hope the new council would engage in this position to build a new courthouse. In the 1800s when the train tracks came through Oneonta, they stole the courthouse from Blountsville by wagon. I think the new council should consider adopting a resolution to move the courthouse back….

“We have a bank facility that has not been occupied. There are plenty of rooms for court rooms, and the county commission should look very seriously. If St. Clair County can have two courthouses, …then Blount County could do that also. I think it could save the county a lot of money and save the taxpayers a lot of money and the new council should look at something like that. I wish everyone well and we got a lot accomplished…, the last eight years have been a good time. If I can be helpful to the new group as they write grants and so forth, I’d be more than happy to work with you. Thank you.”

Smith added, “I appreciate y’all allowing me to serve. I have really enjoyed it. Do the best you can. Best thing, don’t let things get you down. Look people in the eye and go straight ahead. I wish y’all the best.”

Cornelius said, “I would like to thank this council for giving me the opportunity to work with y’all and serve the town of Blountsville. I wish y’all the very best.” Next came Irvin who said, “I would like to thank y’all for the opportunity to serve. Although my term has been brief, I have learned a lot and also wish the new council best wishes on everything they are going to be facing. If I can help, I’d be glad to.”

Mullins added, “I enjoyed serving these last 12 years. We made a lot of accomplishments and improvements around here and I have enjoyed it.”

Before adjourning, town clerk Alethea Bailey addressed the council and said, “I just want to say it has been a pleasure to serve with you all. I am also going to step down. I appreciate the opportunity to serve here and you all have become like a family, and I am just going to miss my family.”

The next council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 2, at 6 p.m.