Fifth Sunday night singing set Jan. 31

Hope House benefit...

The fifth-Sunday night singing to be held at Cleveland First Baptist Church Jan. 31 at 6 p.m. begins the third year of the series staged by county churches to receive offerings to support various Hope House projects and services for the county’s indigent.

Guest singers will be Hayden First Baptist choir, headed by new director Richard Metts. Also featured will be the host church choir, directed by Chris Green, and the church’s new seven-piece praise band, including vocalists.

Hope House director Bud Jones said that Sunday night donations will meet dire needs for food and utility-bill payments. The $20,000 donated at the quarterly series has helped the county’s homeless, veterans, unemployed, and those needing help in the face of crises.

“This series has done exactly what we hoped it would,” Jones said. “Just think how many people have benefited these two years – just from the homeless shelter alone.”